Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway

Catch NovaFab being featured on River City Live WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, Florida! River City Live highlights everything from unique local stories, to steals and deals, fashion, fun contests, local musicians, and anything in between.… [Read More]

Put a Little Umbrella in Your Drink

NovaFab Solo Trim is a small and lightweight mini razor. The blade is about half the size of a regular size razor, yet equally sharp, making it easier to shave problem areas with fewer nicks and cuts.… [Read More]

Kelley’s Thoughts on Things

Novafab makes personal grooming razors for men. They make three types. There is the SoloTrim, the RazorComb and the 2 Pack Combo… [Read More]

I Am the Mockup Junkie

Sometimes we think too hard when trying to come up with the perfect gift. Gift giving does not have to be hard. There are many practical gifts out there that can help make someone’s life a little easier… [Read More]

Beautiful Mommies

Groom Problem Areas without Nicks and Cuts with Novafab Mini Razors. I must have been a grizzly bear or an ape in a previous life... [Read More]

Hey Do You

NovaFab Products Work Well for Men and Women. Here’s why:  For a man with a beard, a trimmed and refined look is mandatory—as is the right tool to achieve it. [Read More]

Beauty Style Watch

These amazing mini razors can be used by men and women!  Love them for shaping my eye brows and the fuzzy hair that tends to appear every now and then... [Read More]

Missys Product Reviews | NovaFab

NovaFab uses cutting edge technology for their razors and beard trimmers for men there are very small and gets a very close shave. [Read More]

Beauty Loves Booze | Get that Stray Hair with Novafab Razor

Novafab razor, is usually found in the medicine cabinet of guys, but now Novafab is making it safe and acceptable for us ladies to get our strays with their product. [Read More]

See Shop Love| NovaFab Mini Razor Review

One of the less glamorous parts of a beauty routine is hair removal, but it's something most women do on a regular basis. [Read More]

Store Brands| Mini razor simplifies shaving of ‘problem areas’

Available for private branding, the NovaFab Solo Trim mini razor is small and lightweight. While the blade is about half the size of a standard razor... [Read More]

Mysterious Ramblings| Novafab Mini Razors Review

The inspiration for the NovaFab products came after many years of struggling to find the right tools to refine and trim a beard or mustache. [Read More]